About us

amigoCAT is the new, free, user friendly computer assisted translation tool you were waiting for. Our goal is to incorporate the features you use the most in a new, online format, made by translators and for translators. amigoCAT is backed by Kima, the best investment fund in the world. More layers will be released in the coming weeks. Enjoy the ride, we will change everything for the better.

A message from our CEO

Glorious summer

I remember having to pay 750€ for an SDL Studio license. It was buggy, slow and incredibly hard to use. It had a ton of very “advanced” functions I never used, but I couldn’t do the simple stuff I needed. Not to mention the time when I couldn’t import projects and waited one week for SDL’s support to contact me. I switched to Déjà Vu and MemoQ with the same success.

The language professionals communities were poorly designed, subscriptions were expensive and it was almost impossible to get jobs at European rates because so many people were pushing prices down, completely disregarding quality.

Collection agencies would not take me as a client because I was not big enough for them. And as the years went by, rates were pushed down, my hourly salary was free falling and I was spending more and more of my precious time working instead of being with my family and doing the things I love. When I wasn’t working, I was doing accounting, sending invoices, looking for clients… My home, from which I used to love to work from, was turning into a sweatshop.

I looked everywhere for a solution to my problems, to no avail. Then I realized most translators were in the same position. This is why I founded amigoCAT. We make translator’s lives better. And it’s something other software publishers should have done for a long time. But they were too busy getting rich.

We have created the best CAT tool and it’s completely free. We have made it so much easier to use than the previous tools. With amigoCAT, you get an amazing interface, designed for efficiency and quality. All you need is a browser.

amigoCAT integrates the best terminology tools and offers you a ton of productivity add-ons to automate as many things as possible, so you can focus on what you do best. With our app, you don’t have to worry about sending files and invoices, getting paid or managing your schedule. You can very easily find colleagues and clients. Better yet, the clients find you. If you want to send an email to every client you haven’t heard from during the last six months, you can do it. If you want to calculate your mean order, your transformation rate, you can do it. If you want to know how much money you will cash in next month, you can do it. If you’re simply wondering “Am I being productive this week? Could I improve something?” we have the answer to that.

For the first time, if you’re a great translator, you will be picked first for jobs. And with our collection services, you can rest assured that you will get paid, even by foreign clients.

This is what I call the translation revolution: translators will have a better way of doing their job. They will have more time, they will have more money, amigoCAT will have a meaningful impact in their lives.

I think the best way to see what I mean is to try the app. This is not a perfect product, but we will make it better with your feedback. Thank you and welcome to amigoCAT!

Nicolas Grégoire
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