An amazing interface

Beautiful, intuitive, powerful and entirely keyboard operated: after two years of research, we bring you the ultimate translation tool. Made for professionals, with simplicity in mind. Terminology, quality control, machine translation, autocomplete… Everything is right where you need it, no mouse required. Insert tags and jump to the next segment with the same key. Real time online collaboration is now easy as pie: pick your collaborators and go. With our translation speed technology, you know how much time is left for a file, or an entire project. And it’s free!

Terminological excellence

With TAUS and the Microsoft terminology collection, access a global translation memory of more than 70 billion words, in all major languages. The best terminology resources, including Wordreference, Termium Plus and Eurotermbank, are integrated directly into the interface. Machine translate each segment automatically with Google or Bing, if that’s your thing. Your favorite dictionary isn’t in there? Talk to us: we’ll add it.

Google Translate, Microsoft and TAUS
Save thousands of hours

Ah, the infamous “looking up a term” routine. Double click. Control-C. Click on your favorite online dictionary. Click in the search bar. Control-V. Click on Search. Scroll to your result. Double-click on it. Control-C. Navigate back to your CAT tool. Find your active segment. Click in it. Control-V… You’re so used to it, you don’t even realize what a nightmare it is. With amigoCAT, to search for lizard, press Control-L, down arrow to your result, then Enter. You’re done.

  • Mailer

    Just received a job? Forward the email to We create the job for you, important the files, set the deadline and identify the client. To add colleagues to the project, just cc: them to the email.

  • PDF conversion

    We have been working very hard to bring you the absolute best PDF conversion engine in the industry. It’s not always going to be perfect (PDF can be tricky sometimes) but the difference will baffle you. With amigoCAT, a PDF reads the same as a Word document.

  • Supported formats

    Word (all versions), PowerPoint (all versions), Excel (All versions) Open Office (all versions) , .txt, .rtf, XML (all versions), HTML, xHTML, TMX, XLIFF, TTX, ODD (all versions), comma separated values (.scv), tab separated valued (.tsv), DocBook and of course PDF. Need more formats? Let us know.

Tags. Few, simple and powerful

We hate pesky tags. That’s why you will just get the right amount in amigoCAT. No long tag numbers either. Add them by pressing TAB, just like going to the next segment. Click on pictures to visualize them.


Translate segment after segment with minimal effort. We adapted concepts from industrial interfaces to minimize eye strain and boost your productivity. Your hands never leave the keyboard, the active segment is always at the same place. Press TAB to add a tag. Press TAB to go to the next segment. Insert bookmarks and comments. Day and night mode included.

For a more global view. Advanced segment sorting functions to save time and improve quality. Display comments and corrections to the whole team in real time. It just works.

And it will always be free

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